Our vision is to equip, motivate, organize, and mobilize communities and cites to assemble together in prayer. Lifting up those that are without Christ, our churches, neighbors, families and leaders in our communities, while spreading the Gospel of Good News through divine appointment.

Prayer In Motion – Love In Action
While our ministry focus is motivating cities to pray, City Gates Pray is a “community” focused organization. In addition to organizing city wide prayer walks and prayer events, City Gates Pray supports local ministries by coming along-side in prayer and promoting their cause to the community. It is our belief that we are better together for the greater cause of reuniting communities with Christ.

Bringing awareness to communities and cities on social issues and injustice’s is vital to City Gates Pray. We play an active role by praying for and taking action in tough issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, gangs, poverty and in anything that would hinder a community from thriving. City Gates Pray is the voice for the downtrodden and those that have lost their way through the circumstance of life. Building the walls of prayer, as Nehemiah built the walls of the city, we seek to help those in need through prayer and love in action.